PURPOSE: This program is extremely useful for those that 1) don't know much unix 2) haven't learn unix commands by heart or 3) don't remember all the unix commands. Even if you KNOW unix, you'll find this program to be one of the more useful scripts around.

Assumption: you have "ncftp" installed. If it's version 2, it's ncftp2. If it's version 3, it's ncftp3. I'm perfectly satisfied with the older ncftp1-1.9.5

cd /usr/local

ls       [ find the latest version ]
get webmin-0.83.tar.gz

gunzip webmin-0.83.tar.gz
tar -xvf webmin-0.83.tar
cd webmin-0.83
which perl (mine says /usr/bin/perl)

Answer the questions as it asks you. Most of the defaults you can accept. Item #20 is for FreeBSD, and #9 for version 4.0 (close enough). The most important default to change is the "port" which to connect to. The Default is set at 10000. By changing the port, you'll find that it makes it just a little bit harder for someone to break into your system. Most definitely change the username and password.

The last thing is to determine whether you will autostart the program or not. If you choose to have it manually start when you need, the command is:

/etc/webmin/start      [ /etc/webmin/stop to terminate the program ]

Invoke the program as needed using your web browser.

If you haven't completely set up your DNS, you may have to invoke webmin from your browser using an IP address (ie: - this is just an example, not an actual one to use)

Webmin Configuration, Webmin modules, delete modules [ Bind4 ] you'll NEVER use.

Never use the "back" "refresh" or "forward" buttons on your browser

IP access control, put in the IP address it should accept from, reject all else.